About Me

Sensual Companion Sascha

About Me

Sensual Companion Sascha

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Germany  |  Mallorca  | Europe

You may be wondering:

What makes a man become an escort?

I would ask the question differently:

What makes a man like to spend time with a woman?

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First of all:

I love interaction with people.

For me, that applies equally to women and men.

I like to be inspired by other people and to make contact in such a way that they both enjoy the conversation, not to be too serious, to meet the other person with a smile.

To learn something from each other, to be open-hearted and humorous.

I like to meet people without judgement, to keep an open mind and in a relaxing and easy way.




Through online-dating portals, I have learned in the past to go into the initial face-to-face meeting without expectations and demands. Wonderful friendships have developed from this.

Sometimes leading to a close relationship.

In these meetings or when spontaneously getting to know each other in a café or while dancing, women have often said to me, that I am

different from other men

and that getting to know me felt easier and more relaxed. I was surprised, I had no comparison and so I started to ask how the women experienced the men on their dates.

Some commen stories: Most men only want to talk about themselves, including their achievements and often about their previous relationsships.

They are often only interested in voicing their own opinions and asking a few standard questions, for example: Where are you from? What do you for a living? Do you have children? How long have you been single?

I think this type of conversation is less threatening to most men: staying on the surface, relating to general topics.

Complaining about others, when both people do it, creates an illusory closeness to each other. This is common in our society. This is not my way.

I really love to listen and learn something from the other person.

But that only works if I open up: reveal something of myself so that the other person also becomes more courageous to show themselves. Then great inspiring conversations arise. So 1-2 hours passes quickly without us ending up with classic getting-to-know-you questions.

In these conversations, it becames increasingly clear to me how great the general lack of love in relationships and partnerships often is in our society: stories of unhappy relationships, toxic partnerships, lacking sensuality, unfulfilled needs and desires.

My essence

As soon as one of the partners leaves something out of the relationship, communicates less, fears, insecurities, anger hinder communication, the relationship becomes toxic…. Slowly, unnoticed, unconsciously, and months or years later we find ourselves somewhere else entirely, wondering how this could have happened.

I have great respect for couples who still live a fulfilling relationship with each other after years or decades, but unfortunately this is the great exception.

I want to give women space for their wishes, needs, fantasies and longings.

Affection, appreciation, passion, intimacy, eroticism are very important for us humans.

If we exclude this part, we exclude an important part of ourselves: our physicality, our sensitivity, our sensuality.

Yet, we should also be able to take good care of ourselves without depending on the intimate closeness of others, that is also important.

I know many who do that. Only we shouldn’t make that a dogma for all time.

I am not an altruist, nor do I have a helper syndrome. It is very important for me as an escort and companion not to be “driven” by something that does not belong to me.

Be it self-affirmation from the outside, pleasure satisfaction to feel like a man, having to “function”, etc.

It simply gives me a lot of pleasure, fun and desire when a woman feels joyful and lustful.

When we meet it is not about my interests or my preferences. Of course – these may also be added. I know that you feel more comfortable as a woman when I am also comfortable.

We will share that with each other.

Every person has different preferences and interests. Some you know, some maybe not yet and I look forward to discovering them with you.

In addition to my traditional job in sales and management consulting, I have completed several years of therapeutic training. Not the classic psychotherapeutic setting with only verbal work, but also bodywork methods for a more mindful, very practical approach to the client’s emotions.

It was never my aspiration to work as a therapist or coach.

I am grateful that through this training I was able to come into my own process, to look more closely at my insecurities, fears, patterns etc and to dissolve one or the other.

We are never done with it.

We all carry our issues from the past and our experiences around with us. Some more, some less.

Short stories on the topic of “New Masculinity”

I also write short stories on the topic of “New Masculinity” – real stories from everyday encounters between men and women. I take the species “man” humorously or sometimes more seriously and want to make us think. On my Instagram channel new.masculinity, I provide insights into this.

It is a matter close to my heart that we men become more aware of our strengths, our feelings and the challenges of this time and face them.

This is not a general reproach to us men. We often don’t know any better and have not learned to be “emotionally strong” – as I call it – and to approach women with a healthy masculinity.

Emotional masculinity

By “strong-feeling” I mean:

As a man, to first perceive, sort and accept your own feelings and then to bring them up and communicate them in a way that doesn’t come across as weird.

I have made my own journey with this and each of us will remain a learner and I would like to encourage others to do the same.