About Me - Male Escort Sascha

and Sensual Companion

About Me – Male Escort Sascha

and Sensual Companion

Begleiter Sascha mit augestützten Kinn

Germany  |  Mallorca  |  Europe

Male Escort Sascha for Women smiles sideways

Sascha, 51 years old, 1.77m, athletic figure, father of an adult daughter

Labourer, Engineer, ExMcKinsey (Management Consultancy)

Embodiment/psychotherapy course: verbal and with bodywork (5 years)

Sexual orientation: heterosexual

Hobbies: running, snorkelling, skiing, wakeboarding, cooking, dancing, socialising with friends

Activities/Topics: Conscious Sexuality and Sensuality, Escort for Women, Sensual Companion; 1:1, Couples, Groups. Author. Coaching for Men on the subject of Healthy Masculinity.



Growing up in a secluded small village, I was able to experience the immediate vitality and closeness to nature.

As an apprentice and worker in production, I learnt about the hands-on way of working and the direct language between people.

In sales, in management consultancy and in my body therapy course, I practised for something in life that I could not yet see.

For some time now, I have been where I belong.

I am very grateful to have learnt the skills and qualities that belong to me the most.

To find out whether I am in the right place, I only had to ask myself: “Does what I am doing take energy away from me or does it give me energy?”

Today, I would describe myself as a conscious man who follows his talents and at the same time try continue to grow.

I am emotionally available

When I look at another person and listen: Do I see the other person or do I look in the mirror?

Answer: Both

Emotional availability is nothing else for me: feeling whether the fear, insecurity, anger, sadness, joy, lust or whatever is coming up is mine, belongs to you or to both of us. And accept it.

This is only possible if I, as a man, have an awareness of my insecure and secure feelings. This has nothing to do with being sentimental, but for me as a man it means – as I call it – being “emotionally strong”: Noticing, allowing, accepting, sorting and then bringing up your own feelings and communicating them in a way that doesn’t come across as weird. I have made my own journey with this and each of us will remain a learner and I would like to encourage other men to do the same.

In this day and age, I think it’s more important than ever to be emotionally strong as a man, or to learn it again. So that we men and women treat each other with respect and (once again) as equals.


I meet you at eye level

I neither place myself above you nor below you.

I am not a coach or therapist in our meeting. Otherwise I would take on roles that would not allow me real human closeness, because I also want to be able to surrender to you and let myself go when we meet. This is the only way we can meet mentally, emotionally and up close at eye level.

Yes, I will provide you with a safe and protected environment when we meet, and I will also provide support if necessary. However, this is not therapeutic, but quite simply: responsibility. To take responsibility in our encounter as man and woman.


I am not here as Male Escort Sascha to heal my old wounds

I went through my own process in life before I started being a Male Escort and Sensual Companion for women.

I was allowed to look at, feel and integrate old injuries and wounds. At the same time, I am ready to grow a little further with every meeting. It is also a journey of discovery for me. That’s how I look at life.

I often get enquiries from men who want to become escorts and who think: “Sleeping with women and getting paid for it, that’s what I want too”.

Sorry men, you haven’t understood what it’s all about.

You are not the centre of attention at the meeting. You men can’t be here to deal with your conscious or unconscious emotional issues and certainly not out of financial need. Or as a man to write over your unhappy relationship experiences or whatever.

It’s perfectly ok if you come with these issues as a woman. You are here to have new or different experiences. However, someone has to hold the space for it, be clear, be able to empathise, but not suffer along, and in this case that is not only the task, but the self-image of a conscious escort man and sensual companion.

I don’t play a role in our meetings

It is often assumed that I have to play a role in my encounters with women because I have a “task”.

I would like to invite you to play a little mind game: You know people from your private or professional environment or from public with whom you have felt: “Wow – this person is so sincere, so genuine in what they say or how they act.

I’m not talking about pseudo-authentic people – you know the difference.

The former are following something very special. They consciously or unconsciously follow their talents, abilities and characteristics, experience joy and don’t see it as a “job”. That’s why these people don’t seem strained or artificial. They radiate from the inside out, they inspire us and we feel connected to these people in a special, natural way.

This is what can happen between us during a meeting, far removed from any limitations or beliefs such as “I can only let myself go if I fall in love” or “I can only trust someone if I know them well”.

These people teach us that we can trust quickly because they are “genuinely” trustworthy and they show us that we can feel surprising connection and attraction.

We are both not playing roles.


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