Male Escort Sascha

High Class Escort und Sensual Companion for Women

Male Escort Sascha

High Class Escort and Companion for Women

Escort Sascha schaut seriös lächelnd mit blauen Anzug

Germany  |  Mallorca  |  Europe

Sensuality and Sexuality

Your Missing Piece?

When you meet me as a Male Escort, everything may be.

Your wishes, needs, motives, fantasies and intentions are allowed.

They are not only justified. They are more. They come from your ideas, your heart or your inner feelings. And they are all right, good, valuable and can be lived.

“As a woman, having the courage to allow yourself to be pampered in this way is a courage that accompanies you in many situations in life. No matter how far a woman can get involved, trust and let go, I can only recommend it. It lifts you up, the energy is highly visible.”  Sylvia, 50 years

“I was very afraid of confiding in a man like that and showing myself to be “vulnerable” by telling him that I had no sexual experience at all in my early 30s. It was different with Sascha. […] With this loving manner and the time I was given, I managed to let go of my fear of allowing physical closeness.”  Sophie, 32 years

“I’m just sinking into bed that you’ve come to know so well in all its comfort 😊 and I want you to know that I’m blessed with a very big wonderful feeling: Gratitude. I am grateful to myself for having the courage to give my emotional world new encounters and I am grateful to you for having the courage to pave new paths. It takes courage to take steps on untouched ground that no one has trodden before us. We have torched Berlin🔥.”  Sara, 62 years

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Escort Sascha schaut seriös lächelnd mit blauen Anzug

I offer myself to you: mentally, emotionally, up close, sensually, passionately – just the way you like it.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a long-term relationship, whether you’re single, an explorer and adventurer, whether you’re unexperienced or not only of the star sign Virgo, whether you’re 20 or 60+.

Maybe the idea of meeting  a Male Escort and Sensual Companion companion creates question marks in your head? Maybe you are simply still unsure whether our expectations will be met? 

Feel free to write to me and we will exchange ideas first. If you have any other questions, I will be happy to answer them or we can talk over the phone without obligation and we can discuss how we can arrange our meeting. Then, when you feel ready, we can plan our date.

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I look forward to hear from you.

Yours Sascha

Contact Sascha, Male Escort for Women ♦ Phone/ Whatsapp: +49 179 4628751 ♦ Email: sascha@sensual-companion.comInstagram: new.masculinity or via the “Request” button below


About me


Labourer, Engineer, ExMcKinsey (Management Consultancy)

Embodiment/psychotherapy course: verbal and with bodywork (5 years)

51 years old, 1.77m, athletic figure, father of an adult daughter


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