Male Escort and Companion Sascha


Meeting on a private, exclusive motor yacht incl. sea trip, variable number of hours (only location Mallorca): Price on request.

Travel costs:

Travel costs within my homebase will not be charged. My homebase is Northern Germany. You can book me e.g. in the greater area of Hamburg, Bremen, Hanover, without additional travel costs. The same applies to Berlin and Mallorca, where I spend a lot of time.

Outside my home base, up to 30 km are included in the price. Travel costs are 50 cents per km. Only the journey is charged, not the departure.

In the case of train or plane tickets, I will charge the cost of economy tickets. Of course, I will discuss this transparently with you in advance of a meeting.

If you have any further questions about prices and duration, please contact me free of charge and without obligation.

Upon request, a day and evening programme can be arranged by me according to your preferences and ideas.

Examples: Selection of party and dance locations, sights/hot spots, restaurants, cafés, activities, cultural events, hotels.