Male Escort Berlin

Illusion or reality with a Male Escort and Gigolo in Berlin?

Male Escort Berlin

Illusion or reality with a Gigolo in Berlin?

Begleiter Sascha mit augestützten Kinn

Can it be a real date with a male escort and gigolo in Berlin or is it just an illusion?

As the saying goes: “Impressions are deceptive”. Prejudices like: Spending time with a male escort for women and gigolo in Berlin can’t be real. You are paying a “man”, the man will only play a “role” to make you feel comfortable, nothing will be real about it.

Have you ever wondered how “real” the encounters out there are with a man who meets you privately for a first date via a dating platform, for example?

There are unfortunately so many unconscious men out there who are, for example, desperate in their search, needy, unconscious. They will do anything to please you: Tell you about their last girlfriend or marriage, how they got dumped. Even though you’re such a nice guy. You would like to hug this man out of pity or you disparage him because he doesn’t say anything good about your gender  – another woman.

Or your date tells you about his possessions to show you how great he is. But true, living greatness is something else, and you can sense that immediately as a sophisticated woman. The same man will then – when it comes to the bill – patronisingly offer to split the bill instead of simply paying for the drinks or the meal like a gentleman.

These are true stories that unfortunately happen again and again. The impression is in the foreground because unconsciousness dominates people – often without malicious intent.

You want a real encounter. You want to BE. Simply be yourself and feel that the other person is also with himself.

This is the only way to create a pleasant and honest closeness. This is the only way to make it interesting, inspiring, intimate and maybe make you want more.

And that’s exactly why I don’t play a role, so that it can feel exactly the same for me.

Believe me, anything else would be too exhausting for me and I would no longer be here writing these words.

As a male escort in Berlin, I look forward meeting you – without fake.

Write to me for a first meeting.

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