Your experiencing Sensuality

What is sensuality? My words on this

Your experiencing Sensuality

My words on this

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Sensuality and pleasure | Self-determined sensuality | Sensuality with a stranger

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Your Sensuality

You can experience the same crowded shopping street in front of you as busy, the people as hectic, or as really familiar:
You stroll along. You look at the people coming towards you benevolently, almost with sympathy, the rustling of the leaves in the tree above you sounds in your ears like an expressive solo from an orchestra.

This is SENSUALITY: Your eyes are wide open, your ears are receiving, you are present – inside and outside.
You feel like the leading actress without having to take on a role.
You are fully switched on.

You have your own special sensuality – which makes you feel, which nourishes you, which covers your everyday life – not as a veil, but as a beautiful garment that makes you forget for a moment.

Sensuality not only makes you forget, but much more: it reminds you. It reminds you of who you really are, how you want to live, what you might be missing, what you would like to feel and perceive.

When you walk with your bare feet on the warm sandy beach, when the mild wind in the Mediterraean caresses your uncovered skin, when you feel the flames of the fireplace as a warming source on your face, you notice that opening the senses is a question of temperature.

A fulfilling sensual physical experience when to people come together also needs the right temperature.
It doesn’t go from 0 to 100.

For one person it needs inspiring conversations, enjoyable dinners together, deep, trusting looks. For the other, a present and at the same time gentle holding of the hand or a kiss that is from another star.
And something of many things…the senses: Listening, looking, feeling, tasting, breathing in, breathing out, touching.

Sensuality can be explored or practised together. It is a journey, with an open destination.

Sensuality versus lust Sensuality, it is often written, as opening one’s senses with complete abandonment, without pursuing a goal.

Sensuality does not ask, while lust demands. Lust does not ask, lust wants. Lust wants completion, sensuality does not. Lust wants to be satisfied. Both are multifaceted. Both have an inherent magnetic force. That’s what makes both so special.

This is the place where you can discover your sensuality and lust in a new or different way, where you can experiment with them. Your sensuality is the focus. It is your space and I am present at the same time.   Self-determined sensuality Sensuality does not have to be well-behaved. Some need a light touch, others something more powerful. Some need intense eye contact, others want to close their eyes, perhaps blindfolded to stimulate other senses more intensly. It can be “letting yourself be surprised” or “wanting to control” in order to set the senses in vibration. Regardless of whether you are currently denying yourself your sensuality in your life, for whatever reason, or it is being denied to you. Regardless of what others say about you or what you think about yourself: You have a unique sensuality within you – let it flow. Your sensuality is a gift, nothing shameful. Giving money for sensuality should not be seen as shameful or foolish, but merely a means for a mutual flow of energy, so that you can act in a self-determined way. Our self-worth is not derived from who or what we buy, but from whether you allow yourself to turn inwards and give attention to yourself – with a trusting person.   Sensuality with a stranger? You probably know it: you see a person, hear their voice or read their words and immediately feel familiar with them. Experiencing sensuality with another – even close to the body – does not need a familiar person as a counterpart. But it does need the feeling of curiousity or wanting to know something about the other person. Closeness, connection and intimacy does not need days, weeks or months to develop. It can emerge in minutes, perhaps hours. It can happen here and now. Letting go without holding on. Expressive words that make us take a breath. We can all make our own journey with this. Which is never finished. There is always something unique between two people that only those two can share in this way. This will empower you. ©Copyright – Sascha, 2023, All rights reserved More on Instagram: new.masculinity