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Business Trip Companion


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Business Trip Companion  |  Your Business + Quality Time

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Do you work in management or have a busy work schedule? And would you like to switch off, relax and enjoy yourself in your everyday working life, integrated in terms of time and emotion?

I know what it feels like to be very busy, travelling on business, attending trade fairs and events or rushing from one appointment to the next.

Striving to be fully prepared and mentally fit every time.

It energises us, makes us feel alive,gives our lives meaning:

Who we are, we love challenges, we know how to be charming to our customers, employees and suppliers and at the same time, we are professional enough to carry out the projects very well.

I spent more than 20 years in sales and most recently at a global management consultancy as a business consultant.

Change, innovation and reliability were my daily motivation and I was able to bid a grateful farewell to this old life.

Now I’m somewhere else and know what it takes to enjoy more quality time between work appointments and on business trips, perhaps for you too:

A dinner with conversations, not with work colleagues or business partners, without putting words on the gold scale, not switching into professional mode, more inspiring and stimulating, more with liveliness around the really exciting topics.

Your thoughts about work may also be on your mind during our meeting, but then you’re welcome to take a loop. The helicopter view of the challenges with your employees or customers with a man at eye level opposite can give you new input, but finally doesn’t need to be the centre of the evening.

Or: The time in the hotel room, while your tired eyes stare at the final touches to the presentation, you still can’t close your laptop because the alternative programme on the TV and the hope of a nice encounter in the hotel bar haven’t proved tempting enough in the past. You think, a sensual pampering programme is actually the right thing for you now or the next morning before your next appointment or afterwards. But it should be self-determined and with the prospect of success and real resonance, you tell yourself.

You define resonance with a man who is emotionally available, emotionally strong without drifting into sentimentalism and who recognises when you need something other than talking.

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