Choose your Limits

Holistic Wellness

Choose your Limits

Holistic Wellness

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Self-Determined Boundaries | Holistic, Safe Environments | Next-Level Escorting

Do you just want to let yourself go?

Don’t worry about anything such as hotel bookings, location and restaurant selection or the conditions?

In a central location in Hamburg is a high-class and sophisticated place for you, which is a space opener for your wishes and needs – be it relaxation, wellness, massage or sensual being together – planned or spontaneous.

The organisation and booking will be taken care of for you for the day and time frame of your choice. Your name will not appear on any hotel accommodation, invoice or transfer from your bank account.

You are completely independent of the usual hotel check-in times. This means that you can check in and out at any time in the morning, at midday, in the afternoon or in the evening, for a few hours or even for half a day or an overnight stay, and you can extend your stay spontaneously.

Reception Hall for Service Holistic Wellness

Reception/ Get-Together

Wall Decoration for Service Holistic Wellness

Wall Decoration

Hamam Room for Service Holistic Wellness

Hamam Room

Reception/ Get-Together

As soon as you enter the foyer, you can feel yourself exhale deeply: You are greeted by warm, subtle background and ceiling lighting and an elegantly stylish, arched bar with dimmed illuminated colour strips.

At first glance, it is surprising that there is no public traffic, staff or bartenders, although the ambience corresponds to a high-quality hotel atmosphere. It is completely discreet and you are protected from prying eyes.

I serve you a drink of your choice at the bar and we retire to the lounge area to get to know each other. With its perfectly cut and trimmed reeds, which serve as a privacy screen all around, the spacious upholstered armchairs and the relaxing background music, it is reminiscent of a retreat in the jungle or a lodge.

After getting to know each other and getting into the mood in the lounge, I will show you around the rooms.

Massage Experience Room

Again, subtle lighting, cosy room temperature, mosaic stones worked into natural joints on the walls and a massage bench that leaves nothing to be desired: adjustable armrests, a generous inlet at the top and an opening for the facial area so that your back and neck are relaxed and in a comfortable position while lying on your frontside.

Pre-warmed massage oil is available for you in a heated bowl set into the wall.

An intuitive massage with elements of Tantra and Lomi Lomi massage awaits you in this room. 

Intuitive means that you can sensitively discover and stimulate your sensual and erogenous zones, be it with light touches, flowing movements or gentle pressure, by stroking and lightly stretching the skin and loosening the muscles. 

The massage does not claim to be a medical massage. The focus is on your well-being, harmonizing your body, mindfulness, relaxation and pleasure with a slight tingling sensation and conscious awareness of your body. 

You can decide whether you want to cover your intimate areas or not.  Soft music in the background enhances the meditative character of this intuitive massage.

Hamam Room

A rectangular 2 metre long, polished, shiny, warm marble block at table height invites you to spread out as soon as you touch the warm surface.

You can enjoy this room exclusively for yourself to relax by lying on the marble slab on your stomach, back or side, closing your eyes, listening to the soft relaxing music and feeling the cosy warmth from below all over your skin. 

You can also moisturise your skin with water beforehand, apply oil and cover yourself in a thin towel or even feel the direct contact of bare skin on the marble uncovered.

But be careful – danger of falling asleep included.

Alternatively, you can let yourself be pampered with a gentle, intuitive massage or more.

Pre-warmed Massage Oil for Service Holistic Wellness

Pre-warmed Massage Oil

Example Room Suite for Service Holistic Wellness

Example Room Suite

Sauna Rondell for Service Holistic Wellness


Experience Showers

Feeling the warming, tingling water jets of a shower on your skin is an experience in itself.

Here, other elements are added that you are otherwise only familiar with from public, very high-quality spa, wellness and sauna facilities, with the difference that the showers are available exclusively for you or for us on your wish:

A jungle shower that sprays warm water like mist from a height of three metres and lets fine drops fall and glide onto your skin.

Shower heads embedded in the side wall for a full-body experience.

Sauna Rondell

You can recognise it at first glance: This sauna has an unusual design – unlike the angular, practical but unappealing home saunas or the oversized saunas in commercial sauna centres.

It is rounded like a wide funnel and designed with two levels for enjoyment alone or as a couple.

The light-coloured, untreated wood in the interior brings out the newness and purity of the sauna.

Room Suites

When you first enter, you realise that this is no ordinary hotel room. Nothing cumbersome, nothing bulky, nothing superfluous, no hodgepodge of different lights and switches, nothing standing around somewhere disorganised. 

Everything is designed to create a romantic, cosy atmosphere. Dimmed lighting with lively light shadows on warm wall colours, natural stone walls, some with modern smooth plastering and a room temperature control system that feels cosy and warm even in winter.

Semi-open, solid partition walls that reduce the size of the room and create a harmonious and sensual atmosphere. 

The bed is purist, invitingly raised on a large plateau.

In the corner, slightly concealed, you can see the spacious whirlpool set into the stone.

Housekeeping ensures freshness and cleanliness at all times, everything has its place, including fresh towels and water.

There are also special places like this outside of Hamburg, albeit not with the same overall package. Contact me if you have any questions or requests.  

For bookings and enquiries Holistic Wellness: 

Phone/ Whatsapp: +49 (0)179 4628751 ♦ E-Mail: or in the menu bar via “Request”.