Male Escort Salzburg

Rendezvous with a respectful Male Escort in Salzburg?

Male Escort Salzburg

Rendezvous with a respectful Escort for Women in Salzburg?

Begleiter Sascha mit augestützten Kinn

A first meeting, a rendezvous, should be characterised by respect.

Respect means genuine interest and sincere appreciation of the other person.

Unfortunately, women often find that many men are unable to realise this when getting to know each other, either because the man’s self-centredness, neediness and pomposity to cover up their own insecurity are too much in the foreground.

That’s a shame, because it doesn’t create a sense of connection and closeness for that special moment of the rendezvous.

A meeting between a woman and a man should not be about the man’s “solo dance”, but about dancing together: dancing around the topics and conversations that move both of them, dancing around the passionate and sensual things that connect eachother.

That is respect and attention for me as a Male Escort Salzburg and Escort for Women.

Salzburg invites you to a meeting in wonderful places:

Mirabell Palace with the Mirabell Gardens, Domplatz, Residenzplatz, Getreidegasse, on the Kapuzinerberg, one of the many beautiful restaurants, e.g. in the panorama restaurant on the Hohensalzburg Fortress.

You are invited to contact me for a rendezvous or if you have any questions:

Contact Sascha, Escort Service for Women ♦ Phone/ Whatsapp: +49 179 4628751 ♦ Email: ♦ Instagram: new.masculinity or via the “Request” button below.