Male Escort Bremen

What does a woman look for in a Male Escort Bremen?

Male Escort Bremen

What does a woman look for in a Escort Man Bremen?

Begleiter Sascha mit augestützten Kinn

We often use the word “break up”. For example: “I broke up with my partner”. “I broke up with this or that”. Do you realise what the word “break up” does to you?

It often creates a somewhat negative feeling in us when we say it. Sometimes also the impulse to have to justify ourselves, for example if we have broken up with our partner or are thinking about doing so.
It has something of a negative flavour. If we look into it a little more, we realise how much of our experiences, imprints and beliefs are contained in the word “break up”.

I, Sascha, Sensual Companion for Women and Male Escort Bremen, would like to invite you to replace the words “break up” with the word “move on”.
For example: “I have “moved away” myself from a love relationship. I “moved away” myself from a relationship that is no longer good for me.
Say it out loud once. How does it sound to you?
The words “moved on” sounds more like a solution.

It means almost the same as “break up”. However, it sounds forward-looking. It sounds like a departure. I leave something behind and start something new. I “untie” something. Something like a knot. Something that is holding me back, tying up my energy.

If you want to meet with me, Sascha, Male Escort Bremen, it’s also to untie something. It won’t be the solution to everything, like nothing in life. But it can give you a new, special experience.

You don’t have to “break up” – sorry… “move on” – from your long-term romantic relationship with a partner. Nor from your single life. You are releasing a need, a desire within you, in a protected, discreet and safe environment, without having to make a huge splash.
Congratulations on setting out and thinking about it.

Feel free to write to me without obligation.

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