Male Escort Dortmund

Is a Gigolo for Women and Male Escort Dortmund only polite?

Male Escort Dortmund

Is a Escort Man Dortmund only polite?

Begleiter Sascha mit augestützten Kinn

‘Nice is the little sister of shi…’ is a German saying.

Let me change the saying: ‘Politeness is the little brother of crap’.

The description of politeness in the dictionary says: ‘In flattering words, dressed in friendly, non-committal kindness that we say to someone else. A flattering and non-committal kindness – that sums it up well.

You certainly don’t want me to be just ‘polite’ when I meet you as a Male Escort Dortmund for Women.

If you have the courage to contact me or even meet me, you want someone who doesn’t just exchange pleasantries, but who is able to show people genuine appreciation.

Appreciation requires so much more than non-committal kindness.

On my part, it takes an open-hearted approach to people, joy and fun in discovering what is special and stimulating about you and that I can sincerely tune into you as an Escort Dortmund. Resonate with you and name what I like about you and what characterises you. No flat compliments, but what moves me about you and our encounter.

I look forward to getting to know you.

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