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Interview at BREMISSIMA – the magazine for the Bremen women.

Women overcome taboos and rediscover themselves – Escort Sascha answers our questions.

“It’s about much more than is generally assumed and known,” explains Sascha. “My meetings with women are very intense and mindful encounters between two people who communicate and playfully express themselves in a soulful togetherness. It’s about touching from the heart,” adds the man from Bremen, who lives temporarily on Mallorca.

He wants to give women what they are currently lacking in their lives or what they long for.

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It’s about much more than generally assumed and known,” explains Escort Sascha. “My meetings with women are very intense and attentive encounters between two people who communicate and playfully express themselves in an emotional togetherness.
playful expression. It’s about touching from the heart,” adds the man from Bremen, who lives temporarily on Mallorca. He wants to give women what they are currently lacking in their lives or what they long for. “Booking a man for a good time is not really part of our society,” says the 50-year-old Sascha
Accordingly, “his clients” are often nervous in the run-up to and at the beginning of an escort date.
It requires a portion of courage and inner confrontation from women to overcome their social norms, beliefs, imprints and insecurities. “If you courageously leave your comfort zone, a special kind of encounter may open up to you, of encounter, a previously undiscovered
possibility to experience oneself in a new way,” says Sascha, who also writes short stories on the topic of “new masculinity”.
His main job is as a management consultant.
His passion: to encourage women to throw social conventions overboard and dare to fulfil their desires. In the dates, he gives them the space they need, focusing on their needs. Sascha is looking forward to sharing his experiences as an escort man.
Also to get the topic out of the taboo corner.


Why are you willing to talk “out of the sewing box”?

I want to give insights and talk about how complex these dates are and for what different motives women come to an escort man like me. How we in our society nowadays relationships without real closeness to our partner and live our single lives, we still have a long way to go.
Also, I know from conversations that for some women, it feels “desperate” to meet on online dating platforms, such as Tinder, or to treat themselves to an escort for a good time.
The women ask themselves:  “I can’t be taking this step, there must be Prince Charming out there for me.”

I don’t think that’s the right thought. Instead of waiting forever, I want to motivate women to take more care of their desires and needs. As human beings, let us leave out of our lives the sensuality and physicality we leave out an important part of ourselves. The booking of an escort man for a special time, where the woman is the centre of attention, is a possibility among other things.

How did it come about that you became an escort for women?

I had many dates privately after a long-term relationship. In the dates I noticed that I enjoy and take pleasure in talking to women, in really listening to them, in being with them, to be interested, to be inspired by stories from their lives and to be guided by the mood and the moment without expectations.
So it was easy for me to build closeness in a natural way. Feedback I got more often was that the meetings with me felt relaxed and alive. I was surprised and asked them how they experience meetings with other men. One or the other half-jokingly advised me that I should do it professionally. That’s how the idea came up. I didn’t take my thoughts so seriously myself at first and it took a while before I made it come true.

Why do you like being an escort and what do you like about it?

I like adjusting to new situations and making the moment special. Actually something we all wish for and
so often say to ourselves or others:

Live in the moment!

Here it becomes true in the encounter: in the joint approach, the respectful, attentive and heartfelt interaction with each other or the sensual, passionate, lustful togetherness.

Which women come to you?

Apart from “social time”, such as a romantic dinner, leisure or business companionship, there are four groups.

On the one hand, women from long-term relationships who are literally no longer touched by their husbands, or who see eroticism as a one-way street, unfortunately not in their direction. For them, attention, appreciation, sensuality and tenderness are in the foreground. Sex
comes, if then spontaneously, and is usually kept open in advance.

It is similar with single women who ask me out. They are somewhat disappointed or insecure about the world of men out there. They have made the experience that men put themselves in the centre when it comes to intimacy and are not as responsive or able to respond to women’s needs. My sometimes humorous short stories about real encounters between women and men under Instagram “new.masculinity” give an insight into this.

Women also come to me who are a bit insecure about themselves and their bodies and want to rediscover their physicality, ability to touch and sensuality with me. For this they choose this protected setting with me, without having to come into demand or pressure situation with a new lover or boyfriend. These are very heartfelt and attentive encounters in which I see myself more as an erotic companion.

In addition, ladies come to me
who finally want to be passionate, lustful, unreasonable, let it happen… without frills.

That means that even in times of free dating platforms like Tinder and Co. there is actually a demand for paid Escort Men?

Yes, women in long-term relationships do not want to jeopardise their partnership and therefore choose this discreet and anonymous setting.

Single women no longer want to buy a pig in a poke and want someone who takes pleasure in responding to them and puts them in the spotlight with fun and pleasure.

How long do these meetings last and what do they cost?

The minimum duration is 2 hours. For “Social-Time” it is e.g. 200 Euros for 2 hours. All prices and conditions can be found on my website. By the way, for a large number of hours or even days, we no longer charge by the hour. There is also no specific duration. Either the customer informs me in advance of the desired duration or it is kept open at the meeting.

If desired, I offer a free and meeting beforehand without obligation. For example, in Bremen a short live meeting in a café, otherwise a video meeting or telephone call.

Is there a classic procedure for your escort dates? Where do they usually take place?

There is no classic procedure:
I want to make sure that spontaneity is possible at any second, depending on the woman’s wishes, needs and fantasies. The introduction or centre point can be, for example, a romantic dinner in a sophisticated restaurant or a drink in an appealing hotel bar. A meeting in the hotel room or at the client’s home.
I am also contacted for leisure or business companionship. These can be, for example, private events, such as escorts to weddings, special occasions, private parties, alibi escorts, escorts on trips, joint sports activities, social outings, where the woman would like to have a “partner” at her side in order not to be constantly approached by men or to expose herself to their glances.
The same applies in a professional context, e.g. accompanying female managers to trade fairs or official appointments.

Some women find it difficult to express their wishes. How do you get them to do that?

From my point of view, there is no patent remedy. First of all, as a companion for women, I need to have a good contact with myself.

For example, is insecurity coming up right now? If so, is it my insecurity or the client’s? Should something of mine be brought up right now? Is the woman just out of connection with her body? Which “head cinema” or which touch experiences are perhaps responsible for this? Depending on the situation, I then try to my heart, head or stomach, depending on the situation. As men, we should get away from wanting to know or be able to do everything and be more playful in discovering together.

What role does sex play in meeting a woman?

Sex can be the cherry on top of the cream, sex can be the whole piece of the cake or needs many ingredients to come along and be enjoyable at the first or later get together.

Has a client ever fallen in love with you?

Regular meetings in particular create a bond, closeness and familiarity.

Something like “falling in love” can arise, but it is rare. Compared to a classic private date where, for example, expectations or desires to “fall in love” can play a role, the setting is more protected.
And if it does happen, it is up to me to communicate responsibly and share what I can and cannot be there for.


Source: BREMISSIMA – The Magazine for the Bremen Woman, Issue July – August 2023 #04, Page 56-60

=> Original German, PDF view Bremissima, page 56-60, published 03.07.2023

=> Original German, link to the complete magazine BREMISSIMA #04 (article page 56-60)