Bild Jenseits von Penetration

Beyond Penetration. 

Another word from Latin language. Literally translated, it means to penetrate completely.

That sounds very powerful and like a demonstration of power. Sounds masculine, but not really sexy.

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Short Story: Beyond Penetration

Penetration – another Latin word.

Literally translated, it means to penetrate completely. That sounds very strong and like a demonstration of power. Sounds masculine but not really sexy.

Physically, one organ penetrates another organ. Where else can you find that? Wow! When you say “I want to make love with you” you are actually saying “I want to penetrate you”.

What pushers we are, us men. We with our hunter mentality.

Mission ascomplished – only when we and he are inside! Goal achieved.

We have no idea what women really want and need. Women are not looking for penetrators. Fine…a very few who want it immediately, here, now and completely. Everything is possible.

Women are looking for the glowing fire: the glowing fire in your eyes, the passion in your thoughts, in your words, in your body language and in your attitude.

Women then start to glow inside – from the heart.

They also don’t look for the hair in the soup if you can inspire them with your own uniqueness.

Everyone has that, everyone is unique. You too.

And above all: if you also tell them about what didn’t go so smoothly in your life and what you made out of it.

Your house, your flashy car that you talk about at your first date says nothing. Except that you might be financially well off and a show-off.

Having money is no longer enough for today’s woman.

She has heard that boast too often from other men. She classifies you in the ranks of the bores.

Ask yourself: What unpleasant experiences have you had in your life? Which of them did you tackle, master and look back on with pride and joy? Where did you go from being a complainer to a hero? Where did you learn?

Talk about these experiences.

Don’t use sentences like: “You are so great. I would like to get to know you better. But what do you want from a guy like me?

That awakens too many mummy feelings in the woman. She is catapulted into the role of mother without being asked – goodbye potential sensual evening or love partner.

Phrases like:

“I used to be shy. Through my job of presenting in front of people, I had to learn to overcome my insecurity. That opened up a lot of new things in my life that I’m very grateful for today.”

Wow – that shows growth. That shows you are growing and alive as a man.

And also your strength to be able to talk about unpleasant experiences.

Of course women want to hear that!

But do it first and foremost for yourself. You learn to get in touch with yourself, to express real feelings.

This is liberating. Liberated from having to present yourself or look good.

It’s not about “good”.

It’s about “real”.

It takes a little practice. After a few times it works better.

The woman who fascinates you will thank you. She is also insecure in the first date – even if she may not seem so.

And then she will probably open up and stop telling you superficial things about herself.

The date becomes more relaxing.

It becomes real.

Creating equal balance between both of you.

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